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THE CATS TRUST GUIDE TO ESTATE PLANNING...  Cat owners, we want the best for our pets.  Creating a Cats trust as part of your comprehensive estate plan will ensure that your friend is well cared for and your wishes are carried out after you are no longer able to care for your feline friends.  A cats trust will ensure that your pet receives the proper care and support they deserve. will provide contact details of attorneys at law who specialises in estate planning and have

experience in pet issues, including the economical option of a Pet Protection Agreement. The Pet Protection Agreement is a simple agreement that allows you to name a pet guardian to take care of your pets, and gives you the ability to leave funds to care for your feline companion. Creating a Cats trust as part of your estate plan through experienced accredited attorneys at law is important. Email Cats Trust for additional information. 

We hope to give you the right information through our site to help you make the right cat trust decision. 

CATS TRUST  is here for senior cats. The ones that give us trust and true companionship
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Cats were cult animals in ancient Egypt, where it is believed to have been domesticated. There may have also have been instances of domestication in the Neolithic period. A genetic study in 2007 revealed that all house cats are descended from as few as five female African Wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica) c. 8000 BCE.
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Cat, life in proximity with humans amounts to a "symbiotic social adaptation". They often express great affection towards their human companions, especially when treated with consistent affection. Suggesting that ethologically, the human companion of a cat functions as a sort of surrogate for the cat's mother, with adult cats living their lives in a kind of extended kittenhood, a form of behavioral
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Annual Health Check
Cat's are masterful at hiding illnesses, it is important that as cat owners we take responsibility and provide them with an annual health check to ensure they are in perfect health.
National Cats Day
National Cats Day is an official day, but in our opinion National Cats day is every day, "Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit." - Peter Ustinov
My Cats Birthday
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